Our Services

Our Key Services Include:

  • Mental Health Targeted Case Management
  • Targeted Case Management for Children At-Risk of Abuse and Neglect
  • Parenting Support Services

Targeted Case Management (TCM)

TCM Services are the continuum of activities, with or on behalf of an individual, through needs assessment, service planning, linkage, support and advocacy. Services are provided in the individuals home, school, or community setting. Our case managers meet with individuals and families to assess their needs, identify strengths, advocate for and connect to appropriate services, and monitor progress for continuity of care.

Parenting Support

These services are designed to assist adolescents, and adults who may experience barriers to parenting due to poverty, lack of knowledge, and limited support resulting in increased risk of abuse and neglect. We work with parents to develop skills to increase their knowledge of parenting, providing for children with disabilities, dealing with difficult children, and overcoming barriers which hinder them from strengthening their family unit.

Service Delivery Include:

  • Obtaining, coordinating, maintaining resources and services (e.g., housing, entitlements, employment, legal assistance, education, transportation, etc.)
  • Planning, arranging, coordinating, obtaining, monitoring, liaising or following up on specific aspects of treatment (e.g. mental health/ medical treatment, substance abuse treatment, appointments with other providers)
  • Working with and collaborating with natural supports and external providers including family members, psychiatrists, therapists, counselors, teachers/ administrators, primary care physicians, etc.